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Stop Working Harder... Work Smarter With Pretoria's Most Effective Fitness Classes

Our coaches at CIT Performance Institute have a simple question for you: are you getting the most out of your workout? 

Yard Fitness Classes

Our Yard Athletic-inspired fitness classes are scientifically designed to help boost your metabolism, decrease your rate of injury, up your strength and flexibility, and help you function better in day-to-day life. Is your gym routine doing all that? If not, drop by and talk with one of our incredible coaches. Tour our facility. Discuss your goals. See what we're all about, because we've helped hundreds of people across Pretoria achieve their fitness goals... and you could be next. 

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Why Take Yard Athletic Fitness Classes at CIT Performance Institute?

The training program we use for our fitness classes is results-oriented and scientifically backed. No matter your age, ability, or fitness level, we curate a workout that works for you, not against you. With your goals in mind, we'll help you achieve greater things and see better results. CIT Performance Institute is here to help build a healthier community in Pretoria, so why not stop by and see how we can transform your fitness?

Join us for fitness classes that will help you:
  • Create a healthier metabolism & lose weight
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Improve your strength, dexterity, and flexibility
  • Generate real, measurable results

You'll Gain An Amazing Fitness Community

The best thing about our fitness classes is that you'll get all the motivation, support, and earnest accountability you need to find success. Our members uplift one another, providing encouragement and cheering others on, and our coaches are passionate about getting you where you want to be. At CIT Performance Institute, we pride ourselves on getting honest results for ordinary people. 

Take on Pretoria's best fitness classes and discover:
  • New heights of self-confidence 
  • More energy and better sleep in everyday life
  • Professional coaching personalized for your needs
  • An incredible community to support and encourage you

Join Us For Pretoria's Best Fitness Classes!

Get the professional guidance and group fitness atmosphere you need to get the results you want. Our fitness classes are offered at a diverse range of times to accommodate any schedule, and we're always happy to have you! Learn why we're Pretoria's favorite destination for group fitness, martial arts, and more... it's easier than ever to sign up at CIT Performance Institute and get started on real change. 

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