Fitness Programs Available In Pretoria

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our pioneering BJJ program will help beginners and veterans alike develop fluid jiu jitsu skills. We teach ground-based grappling with an emphasis on technique, providing world-class coaching every step of the way. Join us in Pretoria and achieve lifelong fitness, discover a new passion, or strive for your next belt!

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MMA Training

Our MMA program has a proven track record of success. We've turned dozens of amateur fighters into well-known champions, and our professional team, Team CIT, has a reputation and record that speaks for itself. Join us in Pretoria and take on the most comprehensive MMA training in South Africa.

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Fitness Classes

Join us for Pretoria's most exciting fitness classes, your solution for quick and efficient results that you'll see in the mirror. CIT Performance Institute offers research-driven, science-oriented training that is built to create lasting success by encouraging healthy weight loss and muscle gain. Sign up today and get the results you deserve!

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Fight Fitness

Our Female Fight Fitness program is a combination of fundamental MMA training and Group Fitness classes. By teaching basic striking and self-defense, then using these elements as a basis for intense fitness classes, you'll get the best of both worlds -- combat readiness and a great workout!

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Kids MMA

Every parent wants the best for their child, which is why our Kids MMA programme is designed to develop important life skills such as self-confidence, discipline, respect, and teamwork. Plus your child will have loads of fun! Enroll your child today and see how the martial arts can set them up for lasting success.

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